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1 perf stat -d Ref https://www.brendangregg.com/perf.html

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https://redis.io/topics/acl ACL The Redis ACL, short for Access Control List, is the feature that allows certain connections to be limited in terms of the commands that can be executed and the keys that can be accessed. The way it works is that, after connecting, a client is required to authenticate providing a username and a valid password: if the authentication stage succeeded, the connection is associated with a given user and the limits the user has.

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https://redis.io/topics/cluster-spec Implemented subset Redis Cluster implements a concept called hash tags that can be used in order to force certain keys to be stored in the same hash slot. However during manual resharding, multi-key operations may become unavailable for some time while single key operations are always available. Clients and Servers roles in the Redis Cluster protocol In Redis Cluster nodes are responsible for holding the data, and taking the state of the cluster, including mapping keys to the right nodes.

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https://iximiuz.com/en/posts/prometheus-is-not-a-tsdb/ https://www.robustperception.io/blog https://promlabs.com/blog/ https://timber.io/blog/promql-for-humans/ https://github.com/iximiuz/pq https://play0ad.com/

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微服务各种流控技术 * 分布式一致性技术 锁 数据一致性协议 Java 网络 Netty Thread Pool DB *