tracepoint - Linux 内核跟踪点
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List tracepoints by perf root@worknode5:/home/labile# perf list tracepoint List of pre-defined events (to be used in -e): tcp:tcp_destroy_sock [Tracepoint event] tcp:tcp_probe [Tracepoint event] tcp:tcp_rcv_space_adjust [Tracepoint event] tcp:tcp_receive_reset [Tracepoint event] tcp:tcp_retransmit_skb [Tracepoint event] tcp:tcp_retransmit_synack [Tracepoint event] tcp:tcp_send_reset [Tracepoint event] Metric Groups: sock:inet_sock_set_state [Tracepoint event] Metric Groups: By BCC tplist sudo tplist-bpfcc -v 'tcp:*' bpftrace bpftrace -l 't:sock:*' By kernel filesystem root@worknode5:/home/labile# sudo ls /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events alarmtimer btrfs compaction devlink exceptions filelock ftrace